Mesopotamia Türkiye

Mesudiye Madrasa is located at the northern wing of the Grand Mosque of Diyarbakır, adjacent to the eastern half of the mosque. This is the first madrasa that was built in Diyarbakır. There are two rotating stone pillars that are placed next to the mihrab in the yard of the madrasa. These pillars were placed for the purpose of identifying any collapse in the building that might occur due to an earthquake. You can rotate the pillars with your hands and examine this magnificent work of art that has been standing for approximately 800 years.

Have you ever wondered how they make the worldwide famous Antep baklava? You can watch this unique combination of filo pastry, butter, peanuts, and fermented juice at the Tarihi Millet Hanı (Historical National Inn) in Antep at 2 p.m. every day except Monday. The process takes approximately half an hour; it starts with rolling out the dough and ends when the baklava is put in the oven. If you wait to wait for it to cook and casting of fermented juice, you need to spend an hour. You can also taste and buy baklava here. Perhaps this experience will inspire you to make your own baklava, who knows!

There are few places where the natural resources of Mesopotamia meet with human ingenuity - one of these places is the Traditional Handcrafts Center in Şanlıurfa. Here you will see samples of handcrafts such as wood whittling, silk weaving, felting, filigree, mosaics, fur farming, kazazlık (silk spinning), and carpet and rug weaving. You will have the chance to learn about these crafts, touch samples, and listen to their stories from local masters – and drink tea or coffee as well!

Would you like to taste liver or meat in a wrap that you prepare yourself? You can prepare your own wrap in all the shops specializing in liver dishes at Haşimiye Square in Urfa! Customers here sit on stools at tables that are as low as coffee tables. Onion, parsley, mint, pepper, and sumac are presented on the tables for you to add to your wraps.

Alongside these, a chopping board and knife are offered. You can chop the onion and parsley for your wrap while your liver is cooked. When your liver is cooked, you are offered flatbread to make your wrap according to your taste. Making it yourself only adds to its taste!